Saturday, October 31, 2009

Specter in Brooklyn

Specter, originally uploaded by sabeth718.


The Love Police

...a great example of people using their public space freely to express themselves and their social responsibilities...Watch more of The Love Police HERE

Mode2 Time-Lapse @ Mutate Britian

The master of cans Mode 2 working in the dead of night at Mutate Britain: One Foot in the Grove.

Ryan McGinness

Ryan McGinness is interested in creating a new vocabulary for everyday symbols and icons through context and composition. Using layering, repetition, and juxtaposition, his complex pieces construct worlds within worlds. With his massively intricate silk-screened paintings, sculptures, and installations, hes able to blur the division between design, pop culture, and fine art.

Friday, October 30, 2009

NYSAT 2 Timelapse Shorts


AIR CITY 5, originally uploaded by *eddie.

INSPIRE Collective Interview w/ Vandalog

The Thousands, originally uploaded by vandalog.

We usually keep our eyes open for quality independent art & artists. We're also curious about other web sites which help promote public art. is one site we're diggin' like a shovel... We asked RJ of Vandalog a few questions about public art, independent artists, and the growing world-wide community of public art; here's what he had to say:

"RJ, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into appreciate graffiti, street, and public art in general?"

My dad actually got me into the whole scene. He came home from work one day almost two years ago and asked me if I knew about some guys called Faile. He'd bought a print by them. Neither of us had been seriously interested in art before that, but we both fell in love with the world of street art and haven't looked back since. Right now I'm taking a gap year before heading off to university next fall, and street art is the overarching theme for my year.

"Its always good to see another public art site out there appreciating independent artists, how did Vandalog begin?"

I started Vandalog about 1 year ago as a way to keep up to date on street art news and increase my involvement with the street art community. Because I post something every day, I always have to be on the look out for news or something interesting to write about, and when I go to gallery openings or visit another city, I can reach out to artists or blog readers and immediately I have some connections in that city who can tell me all the cool things to do. And of course, it's a great way to help promote my friends' projects.

"What is your favorite post on Vandalog?"
Well one thing that I really enjoy is hearing about artists that other artists enjoy. Last December I ran a series of posts called Great in 08 where I asked a bunch of street artists who they thought had really killed it in 2008. The variety of responses was surprising, and I was even introduced to some artists who are now on my list of personal favorites like Booker and the ADHD Kids.

"Who are your favorite artists & what kind of works do you have in your home?"
I think that my all time favorite has to be Swoon, but right now I'm really enjoying what Judith Supine and JR are doing. Burning Candy in the UK and Booker and the ADHD Kids in New York are bridging the gap between graffiti and street art, so that's really interesting to me. Outside of street art and graffiti, Gilbert and George never cease to amaze me. There's a lot of art in my house, but the pieces I look at the most (because they are right next to my desk) are by Chris Stain and Kurt Halsey.

"Why do you think street art, graff & public art in general is important?"

Forget about art-world politics and the exposure that an artist or writer can get by painting outdoors instead of going though the gallery system, that's all secondary to me. The most important reason public art (legal or illegal) is necessary is to get everyday people who might never go to a museum or gallery enjoying art. Thanks to public art, people can look at art on their way to work and in a much more comfortable environment than a white-walled gallery. Personally, since I'm pretty much spending all my time on street art things, it's grown beyond that, but at the end of the day the fact that I can walk down the street with my friends and enjoy art or bring them into a gallery where they aren't uncomfortable is just amazing.

"Could you tell us about a favorite show you've been to recently?"

I'm the first to admit that I am woefully ignorant of art outside of the tiny sphere of street art and a bit of graffiti, so seeing the Pop Life show at the Tate Modern was a very cool experience. Street art and graffiti constantly asks the question "what is art?" but Jeff Koons and Elaine Sturtevant are exploring those same questions in an entirely different way.

And the FAME Festival in Italy was probably the street art event of the year (at least tied with Banksy versus The Bristol Museum). The lineup of artists like Judith Supine, Mark Jenkins and Blu is hard to top. It's hard to describe what FAME is like, but the artists have really taken over this small Italian town and transformed it. Just check out Hookedblog's photos

The other great thing about FAME is that people flew in from as far away as LA to see it, so everybody there was super-friendly and just as interested in street art as I am.

"What is your favorite public art site on the web?"

is my favorite photo-blog by a mile. Sebastian finds all the amazingly talented artists that nobody else has ever heard of or thought to cover.

And of course, with inspirecollective posting more than any other public art blog I can think of, it's a great source of photos and videos because I know that if something is interesting, you are going to cover it.

"Who do you think we should interview next?"

Luna Park and Becki from

know what they are talking about and are great people. Definitely hit them up.

"Vandalog publishes quality material and helps global folks to appreciate, keep up the good work, RJ!"

Thanks Inspire.

Happy to hear about your inspirations, RJ!
Also, RJ also has a street art book available HERE.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

COMING SOON: ReUse Project 3 in Tel Aviv!!

REUSE PROJECT 3 in Tel Aviv!!
Like it or not, abandoned and neglected spaces are a global bi-product of industrial areas. Due to the wasteful nature of capitalist ideologies, “real world” problems, like “homelessness”, “poverty”, and “social alienation” never seem to get solved, yet rethinking and reusing these neglected and abandoned spaces could at least help to ease these “societal ills”. Reusing these public spaces causes us to see these spaces without economic glasses; it helps to see thru a more social lens & potentially reverse the process of these problems around the world...
This year, the INSPIRE Collective and over 100 public artists are proud to invite you to join us for ReUse Project 3 in Tel Aviv, November 19th! As the Middle Eastern temperatures start to cool down, the INSPIRE Collective is hard at work preparing the abandoned site to become a temporary public art gallery and exhibition space…
More info coming soon to:
Also see:

...seen in Bristol

P1060187.jpg, originally uploaded by keef chemistry.

Says, "Love is a Pain"

Thousands Protest Global Warming

Thousands Protest Global Warming, originally uploaded by wstera2.

..seen in NYC

IMG_3752, originally uploaded by jakedobkin.

Monday, October 26, 2009

In San Francisco...

BKG essex 1, originally uploaded by *eddie.

The higher you climb.....

the higher you climb....., originally uploaded by Roy Schreuder.

BLU - A solution to traffic

Graffiti Organics by Highraff

Pintura di quintal..., originally uploaded by highraff.

Cellophane Graff by KANOS, ASTRO

Cellograff by KANOS, ASTRO, originally uploaded by Thias (°-°).

"Alice In The Green Flow" by HYPER NYORAI

Gaia in Brooklyn

Gaia, originally uploaded by mikeion.

Remi Rough @ The Ghost Village Project

The Ghost Village Project - Agents of Change


ethos, originally uploaded by .francisco..

Seen on Hosier Lane in Melbourne...

Hosier Eye, originally uploaded by --Meggs--.

Mode2 - 'Reality, Fantasy, And The Web'

Os Gemeos - Too Far Too Close @ Deitch Projects from 2008

...from Testa

oia o trem !, originally uploaded by Testa BH.

...from DMS

DedoDeusBstrato, originally uploaded by dms163.

In an abandoned village in Doel, Belgium

Another angle - Doel, originally uploaded by Romanywg.

Main Street - Doel


blkriver Know Hope & Aakash Nihalani - OHNE TITEL from BLK RIVER FESTIVAL on Vimeo.

Aakash Nihalani and Know Hope just got back from the Blk River Festival in Vienna...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ReUse Project 3: Sneeky Peeks

Coming soon, to the streets of the middle east: ReUse Project 3, in Tel Aviv is a work in progress!
ReUse Project 3: Sneaky Peek Previews
Have a look at some of the works we'll be showing...
ReUse Project 3: Sneaky Peek Previews

A month to go and we have got some great work to show off this year, but we still have a lot of preparation to the meantime, we'll be uploading a few sneak preview photos until the show...we have local graff crews coming in to paint as well as international street artists ReUsing with us this year: to get on the mailing list about future events like it...
ReUse Project 3: Sneeky Peeks

A note to participating ReUse Project 3 artists:

Submissions to the show should be postmarked by Nov.1 st!!! Its time to get those works mailed off to the show!

**Entries will be mailed to:

PO BOX 4917
Tel Aviv, Israel

Suggested donation: $10 for art supplies/installation costs...

REUSE PROJECT #3: Coming Soon!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Art Of Rock" @ StolenSpace

Green Day Presents: 'The Art of Rock' Curated By Logan Hicks

October 23th 2009 - November 1st 2009.

Stolenspace Gallery.
Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
United Kingdom

Featured Artists:


Like a fish out of water - Roa

Like a fish out of water - Roa, originally uploaded by Romanywg.

Cityzenkane Installation

CTK, originally uploaded by unusualimage.

Dolk & Pøbel - Living Decay (Short Film)

Living Decay (fairy tales in the middle on nowhere) from nulli versi on Vimeo.

Sit back and enjoy this 15 minutes of painting abandoned houses with public artists Dolk and Pobel...

Chris O'Shea - "Hand From Above"

Hand from Above from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

NuArt Vandals


Monday, October 19, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOA!!, originally uploaded by Inspire Collective.

INSPIRE Collective youngest inspiration has her first birthday today! Happy Birthday Noa, we love you!

INSPIRE Collective Posts