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Flickr loves no Blogger...

If you haven't noticed, we almost strictly use photo hosting site to blog the work of most of the artists' you see on this site. Well, flickr recently decided not to work with Blogger any more (which is who we host the site thru). So, be patient, we're looking for a solution to the problem & we'll have the site back, up, and working soon!

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DOES - 2014

DOES, 2014. by Ironlak
DOES, 2014., a photo by Ironlak on Flickr.

Photo by: Florian Krause

BANDIT & "The Boy Who Cried Girl"

This epic story was designed to illuminate street art, the artists, their inspirations and the lives of others affected by their art. THE GOAL The main goal of our documentary is to shed light on the unity of our "human condition" by examining street artists, their personal lives, and the emotions, spirituality, and experiences that inspire them. We plan to weave these stories together to illustrate how we are all similar in our struggles but different in the way we express them. THE STORY Our story begins with a macroscopic perspective of art, from its inception to its present state. We will then narrow in on select street artists, and the city they work and live in, Los Angeles California. These short stories will focus on selected street artists and emphasize a compare-and-contrast view of the their "normal" daily lives and elusive art lives. These stories will also be infused with the stories of local law enforcement, graffiti removal services, city officials, street art photographers and most important, the perspective of the public. THE PLAN We have already begun filming many of the featured artists, but still have plenty more to shoot. We intend to resume principle photography beginning mid-January and end most shooting by the end of May with a working copy ready to go in mid-July. PAST SHORT EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK Student-Leadership Project Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club PSA More...

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BOA MISTURA - "Somos Luz" - Panama City

SOMOS LUZ English Subtitles from boamistura on Vimeo.

From Boa Mistura - "Short Documentary about our experience working and living at El Chorrillo, Panamá City during march 2013. "SOMOS LUZ" ("We are Light") is the message we painted, with the neighbors help, on 50 houses at the building Begonia I in the community of El Chorrillo. We manage to transform the corridors into abstract color compositions that come to life with daily scenes such as neighbors looking out the balcony or hanging clothes. The intervention was selected to exhibit at the Art Bienale."