Sunday, November 8, 2015

This Is Now: The Environmental Awareness Work of Louis Masai Michel

This is Now from Synchronicity Earth on Vimeo.

This is Now is a powerful short film that chronicles the motivating and unifying effect of notable artist, Louis Masai Michel’s murals on otherwise disconnected communities. The presence of art in unexpected places gives pause for thought, making people aware of the vital work that needs to and can be done to protect nature. Threatened, extinct and invasive species have been introduced to London’s streets: just as street art can seemingly materialise and then disappear overnight, animals once familiar to the British landscape are vanishing. ‘This Is Now’ was shot by talented filmmaker Toby Madden and features a soundtrack by composer Cosmo Sheldrake whose palette is rich with species recordings. Louis Masai Michel is fast becoming an international voice for conservation, raising environmental consciousness through art in public places.

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