Sunday, October 25, 2009

ReUse Project 3: Sneeky Peeks

Coming soon, to the streets of the middle east: ReUse Project 3, in Tel Aviv is a work in progress!
ReUse Project 3: Sneaky Peek Previews
Have a look at some of the works we'll be showing...
ReUse Project 3: Sneaky Peek Previews

A month to go and we have got some great work to show off this year, but we still have a lot of preparation to the meantime, we'll be uploading a few sneak preview photos until the show...we have local graff crews coming in to paint as well as international street artists ReUsing with us this year: to get on the mailing list about future events like it...
ReUse Project 3: Sneeky Peeks

A note to participating ReUse Project 3 artists:

Submissions to the show should be postmarked by Nov.1 st!!! Its time to get those works mailed off to the show!

**Entries will be mailed to:

PO BOX 4917
Tel Aviv, Israel

Suggested donation: $10 for art supplies/installation costs...

REUSE PROJECT #3: Coming Soon!!!

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