Monday, June 27, 2011

M-City in Wrocław / Poland

Wrocław / Poland, originally uploaded by

For more M-City stencil art, see his website:

mural M-City, w ramach OUT OF STH, Wrocław Maj 2011,

VIDEO: shot, edited, graded- OTECKI
MUSIC: Insightful-Question All Things

Monday, June 13, 2011

Street Art Without Borders

ZHE155 + Mittenimwald , originally uploaded by urbanhearts.

On, Urban Hearts has this to say about Street Art Without Borders ideas and action:

The street art without borders project started in summer 2008 when I did the installation of french street artists works in Seoul and Tokyo. By the end of 2008, I pasted french artists FKDL, Mimi, Tian, Paella, Larry, Kouka, Pedro, Nemo, Gouny, Antonin and Stew as well as NYC artist Billikid in Sao Paulo.
Soon after, Brazilian artists Paulo Ito, OZI, Zeila, Magrela, Sinha, Sola, Zito, tCHé, Mundanove, Eymard joined the project in order to have their work pasted in Paris.
By April 2011, over 300 artists from around the world, from Brazil to Korea, from Russia to Finland, from Japan to Iran ( 30 countries) have joined by sharing their work on paper with the public overseas thru my pastings.
They give me or send me by post their original work on paper which I paste on the walls during my trips.
So far, works have been pasted in Paris, Avignon, Tokyo, Seoul, Bristol, Sao Paulo, Rio, Bahia, Brussels, Havana, Trinidad de Cuba and Naples.
Every artist receives the pics I take of every pasting done.
The choice of the wall, the environment and the interaction with the public during the pasting and shooting are equally part of the thrill of undertaking this project, whose unique objective is to promote worlwide the variety, creativity and excellence of street art.
The fascinating part of that work is also the exchange with the artist, their story, their unique message to the world.
Thank you to all of them for their immense generosity and talent offered to the world.
Any street artist interested to join can contact me directly...

Saturday, June 4, 2011


After 6 months of planning & organizing: INSPIRE Collective's 4th Annual ReUse Project opened beautifully on May 27th. Local photography is bound to happen but also those who are visiting this area of the world should make it a point to see #24 Bialik Street in Central Tel Aviv!

See all the REUSE & RESIST photos, videos, and updates here:

See all the REUSE & RESIST photos, videos, and updates here:

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