Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A New World Is On Her Way, originally uploaded by Matt Niemi.

Not a single one of us has to tell a flower, a tree, or any other part of Life to Grow. It is constant motion fueled by a natural desire that is mostly unseen by the human eye...Some-One single voice is calling All of Life towards a new world full of growth at the same time - ALL WAYS! This is happening for us all, to allow natural change to happen we relate to a world of infinite possibilities. Anything can happen! To in fact create the space for true positive change to happen if need be is a revolutionary act of Life. Ironically, if we just stop trying to believe in our own understanding of what is going on, and stop trying to "fix things", everything would be alright by default! Work with what you have, work with your hands to change the world you live in because you care. Through the realization of living a strong, independent, natural life, you will find that no one has all the answers except the universe herself...simply leaving her alone and letting things be, allows her to speak to you through your consciousness. In this silence, you are listening to your future self speaking to you with Her from a world that is allowed to actually LIVE...sustainable PROGRESS with no harm done. BE GOOD FAMILY... - INSPIRE ONE

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