Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ReUse Project 4: REUSE & RESIST!

ReUsing IS resisting. When you rethink an object, space or, idea, you, by default, are shedding the idea that the pre-fabricated product sold to you is only created for a one time use...People around the world have their ways of reusing, but public artists display an activist role in reusing the largest thing possible: public space. Over 100 artists this year, coming together to REUSE & RESIST! By any means, possible, this is the show to see.

The streets of Tel Aviv will never be the same...

Witness the positive power of art in public and learn as this mid-east graffiti / street art energy inspires the collective population & challenges the social issue of neglected & abandoned buildings...The event site & show dates will be announced in early May.
Of all the shows, events, and exhibitions happening, REUSE & RESIST is the thing to do...come and see DIY and public art culture blend as INSPIRE Collective shows us all how reusing and creatively rethinking neglected space is better for everyone. is the event website where you'll see show info, art previews, updates, etc.
Meanwhile, kick back and enjoy these sneaky-peek previews of the upcoming show:

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