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CALL FOR ART!!, originally uploaded by ! INSPIRE Collective !.

The last few years of curating public art events here in the middle east have been gaining their natural inertia & this year, INSPIRE Collective is more than happy to announce INSPIRATION ART FESTIVAL: OPEN CALL FOR ART!!! So, if your an independent artist, who would like to show off some inspiration in the middle east, we want to hear from you!

(Deadline: July 31st).

So, if you didn't know, now you know!

INSPIRE Collective's 4th annual INSPIRATION Art EXHIBITION is scheduled to happen @ the end of the summer (Aug. 25, 26, &27th) in Tel Aviv-Yafo & will be the first ever public art festival in the middle east!!! A three day event, mulitple locations across the city with music, visual arts, and street art / graffiti workshops for all ages. The INSPIRATION ART FESTIVAL is all about inspiration and sharing it with the world!

Who or what inspires YOU?!

To participate in this year's festival here in the middle east, you can see more info @ the festival's website. Please visit

Once you've read this year's festival details, then send us a contact email through the site's "contact us" link or write to for confirmation.

Also be sure to join the INSPIRATION ART FESTIVAL flickr group as well:


Will Kasso's BOX TRUCK...Trenton, 2010

BOX TRUCK...Trenton, 2010, originally uploaded by WILL KASSO.

School Milk Riot - L.E.T.

school milk riot, originally uploaded by l.e.t..

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Os Gemeos x Blu in Portugal

os gemeos x blu in portugal (by code is mental)

EL MAC Mural in Monterrey, México

EL MAC had this to say about his recent work: "This is a mural I just painted on the side of MARCO, the contemporary art museum in Monterrey, México. It was the first mural I painted there as part of the Seres Queridos(loved ones) project. The portrait is of Régulo de Leon Santos, who works as a parking lot attendant near the museum. This was a very cool project and I met some great people. A lot of locals helped out, making the project possible. Thanks go to Anna of Nobulo who started the project, The good folks at ARTO-Art Beyond Museums, Marla and the people at MARCO, As well as the other artists: Jorge Rodríguez Gerada, El Niño de las Pinturas, and Atma. Special thanks also to Poeekz, Claudia, Buster, Sanez, Dose, Rene Almanza, los fotografos José Lara y Verónica Valdés Vega, los del taller de Grafica Miguel Alvarado, Bacalao, and everyone else that helped out....MILES DE GRACIAS."

Persian Calligraffiti

calligraffiti persian, originally uploaded by A1one A.k.a Tanha.

King 157

King 157, originally uploaded by Chris Saulit.


Devote, originally uploaded by CousteauOner.

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Skullphone / Digital Media - Subliminal Projects

subliminalprojects — June 02, 2010 — Digital Media, the new solo exhibition by Skullphone, brings the playfulness, obsession, irony and anxiety of the Los Angeles-based artists's renowned street installations into the Subliminal Projects gallery space. In Digital Media, Skullphone examines the contradictions inherent in outdoor digital signage, demonstrating cause for both wonder and concern over the increasingly ubiquitous medium. The artist explores advertising, government and private enterprise signage, and the California landscape on which outdoor media proliferate, making permanent on panels what is removable and reprogrammable in outdoor space.

Although of the same spirit as his past work, Digital MediaI think marks a distinct visual departure for the artist. His use of mirror-polished, black-painted aluminum panels is a cold and slick leap from past works on found wood, weathered metal, and wheat-pasted paper. Skullphone's painting technique employs a deliberate dot grid system, and his painted color is expanded to a limited palette of red, green and blue. This shift corresponds to the artist's recent inspirations and exploits with outdoor digital media. Through painted pointillism, the imagery dislocates as the artwork is approached.

Digital Media
By Skullphone

Exhibition Dates: June 5th - July 2nd, 2010

Aakash Nihalani's STOP POP & ROLL in Brooklyn

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Gandhi on the streets...

Gandhi Piece, originally uploaded by Los Stencilistas.

As a part of the Constructing CoExistence project around the world:

C215 in Paris

By C215, originally uploaded by vitostreet.

"Go Love Yourself" In NYC

WILL KASSO - "A Portrait of Mumia Abu Jamal" - North Philly

Bue & Pest in Ghent

By Bue & Pest, originally uploaded by vitostreet.

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The Burble

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