Friday, February 26, 2010


Foreign shapes envelop and blend with London's landscape creating a surreal unity.

Stik in London's EastEnd

Stik, originally uploaded by unusualimage.


SIMPLE DAMAGE, originally uploaded by MASIVEISHERE.

Tard in New Orleans

tard055, originally uploaded by dingler1109.

Eelus - The Colour out of Space

, originally uploaded by ceethree.


Route, originally uploaded by sabeth718.


By RERO, originally uploaded by Thias (°-°).

BTOY Makes Milano Beautiful

BTOY, originally uploaded by Walls of Milano.

Cope2 on Canvas

Cope2 on Canvas, originally uploaded by LoisInWonderland.

"Heros and Villians" by George Morton Clark

Heros and villians , originally uploaded by George Morton Clark.

By ADOR (Graff à Dénoyez)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Graffiti marathon. Vans and Sofles get in touch with their inner zen and pump out this crazy next level shit over the space of a few days in Brisbane, Australia. Both guys were completely fried by the end of it, but as you will see it was worth the energy invested.

Monday, February 22, 2010

KNOW HOPE: "past-times and necessities"

past-times and necessities, originally uploaded by this is limbo.


Este, originally uploaded by Este..

Banksy in Park City

banksy, park city, originally uploaded by the lonely villein.

banksy, park city (by the lonely villein)

C215 - French Homeless

C215 - French Homeless, originally uploaded by C215.

Stencil based on a picture by the French amazing photographer Rodolphe Siméon.

SNIK's garage hit in Vitry

Vitry - garage hit - close up, originally uploaded by snik..

Vitry - garage hit (by snik.)

Swoon in North Philly

swoon, originally uploaded by Luna Park.

swoon (by Luna Park)
swoon (by Luna Park)

...from ALT97

, originally uploaded by ALT97.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Demolition of ReUse Project 2 in Tel Aviv

During the creation of INSPIRE Collective's ReUse Project 2 nearly a year and a half ago, we told you that the building was scheduled for demolition. Now, over a year later, the site is becoming a skeleton of its former self...
We'll miss the site but one of the main ideas of the ReUse project exhibitions is to challenge these public abandonments by reusing them. There's a huge world of empty buildings out there to ReUse around the world...if you're local to this one, don't miss the chance to see the last of ReUse Project 2. See the original ReUse Project 2 exhibition photos here:
Open call for the upcoming REUSE PROJECT 4 coming soon!!!

Keyler - End To End

"A Decade of FAILE "

Feb 12th-Mar 19th 2010
Lazarides11 Rathbone Pl. W1


Retna, originally uploaded by @ll_by_myself.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Scorned - A Portrait of Doel

Doel, a small village near Antwerp (Belgium), will be gone in a couple of years due to the expanding harbor nearby.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mutual Discrepancy: Gaia & NohJColey

Australia's GlitaGrrl in Paris


STICKER PHIENDS III 2010, originally uploaded by madone025.

INSPIRE is one of the featured artists for this year's Sticker Phiends III even in Phoenix, AZ! Curator MadOne has this t say about the upcoming show: "Its that time of year again in Phoenix,Az.
The Phiends are back and getting ready for another show.... This year is most deff gonne be much larger!!! Still have time to send in your submissions!
MARCH 15th Deadline!!! For more info contact: Big UPS!! To Griffin One for reppin the visuals for this years event!!! Killa Stylez!"
Click on the image above for more info from MadOne.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Art Of Facts (feat.- FUTRA2000)

"Body Paint" Installation

For more info click HERE.

Parkour Motion Reel

Digital Analogue

This short film is made entirely with stop motion animation, with over six thousand still photos shot and then edited together. The cameras are literally ‘brought to life’ here, while image composition and lighting is as carefully considered in each video frame as they would be for individual photo shots.

Judith Supine: "A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork"

Portland Papergirl

In 2009, Abraham Ingle brought Berlin's Papergirl Project to Portland. Over 200 pieces of original 2d art were displayed in a gallery, then rolled up, and distributed via bicycle to randomly selected people on the streets of Portland.

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