Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dellboy @ REUSE PROJECT 3 in Tel Aviv

"The things people refuse are the things they should use...".
- Bob Marley.

Have a look @ INSPIRE Collective's ReUse Project 3 in Tel Aviv. The show stands now as a semi-permanent art installation including over 150 public artists reUsing one abandoned cinema in central Tel Aviv...
Many thanks, love, and respect to all who helped to make REUSE PROJECT 3 happen this year! Thanks to the mass cooperation among the local artists who collectively equaled a strong, intelligent and creative effort, the abandoned cinema will be remembered for the many ways that it has supported art and the public creative process through the years..the site is soon to be demolished...INSPIRE Collective is happy to have had the opportunity to say goodbye to the last of the Tel Aviv cinemas...even though a skeleton of a building remains, it stands as a testimonial to public art and will remain a colorful memory for us all beyond its architectural lifetime.
WE ARE ALL THE COLLECTIVE, GET INSPIRED...make something creative happen for the people where YOU live! DO IT NOW! RECLAIM, ReThink, ReUse, & RESIST!

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