Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Billi Kid @ Graffiti Gone Global

Graffiti Gone Global, originally uploaded by billikidbrand.

Last week @ Graffiti Gone Global: http://www.graffitigoneglobal.blogspot.com/ Brought to you by SushiSamba and curated by James and Karla Murray. Featuring works by 31 Projects, Aiko Nakagawa, Armogedon 2057, Billi Kid, Crome, Cycle, David Cooper, Doze Green, Ewok One 5MH, Flip, Ghost aka Cousin Frank, HOX, Jana Joana, Lady Pink, Nina, Shiro, Sofia Maldonado, Suiko and Vitché. Also features photography by James and Karla Murray: http://urbanimagephotography.com/

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