Sunday, March 29, 2009

LUDO: Nature's Revenge

WS Ludo
Ludo- Nature Revenge
Ludo- Nature Revenge
Ludo - Nature Revenge
The Boombapaver
FATCAP: Where do you come from? Tell us about your beginnings…
I grew up in the suburbs of Paris and then came to Paris at 18 to go to college. Having trouble just listening to a professor without doing anything, I wanted a change of air and went to Italy with just a backpack. Then, after seeing what I wanted, I decided that I belonged to an “art” school…
I started street art later with the simple desire to express something personal without any pretense.

FC: How would you define your style and your way of working?
I don’t know if I have a style, I try to make myself happy first and I do things only if I want to.
I love mixing different techniques, such as acrylic, silk-screening, cutting and even photocopy.
Also, I’m not good with a bomb, so I try to use it the least possible ;-)

FC: What are your sources of inspiration?
Everywhere, what’s around me, what I see…

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