Saturday, September 6, 2008


An INSPIRE Collective social action exhibition of urban art and renewal.

The ReUse Project is an on-going street and domestic planning campaign endorsing urban perma-culture and renewal through artistic means.
So, for all those hippies who should be wearing boots...for all of you anarchists and artists who should be living like you mean it,, but also for ALL of us who should be using what we're refusing: Now open to the public as a tribute to urban art and renewal...
ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK: The INSPIRE Collective and Joint Effort Gallery are proud to present this year's ReUse Project 2: a global art exhibition completely reusing one abandoned building in central Tel Aviv... Watch and learn to reuse as over 120 international and local artists take over this central location!!

To be added to the mailing list for future INSPIRE Collective events, please email ITW @ idiotthewise@gmail with "street art mailing list please" in the title...


View some video shorts of some of the reusing that has been happening on site:

This is the 2nd REUSE PROJECT...see photos of the first REUSE PROJECT in Jerusalem here:

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